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Why I dumped WordPress.


Those who follow my occasional online ramblings will know that for the past few years I've been using the "WordPress" online content management system to put up a web site for my consulting business.

As you may have gleaned from the changes to this site, I'm not using it any more.

WordPress is used by about 75 million web sites and blogs worldwide. It has a bad reputation for security and attracts hackers like a dog turd on the sidewalk attracts flies.

On a typical month, my web server logs would show a dozen or so legitimate visitors and four to six thousand break-in attempts. The majority of these, by the way, appeared to come from Windows 7 systems, most of which were using Firefox.

After exploring a little bit what some of these hacks were after, I concluded that the dog turd analogy wasn't that far off the mark and took the thing down.

When you run a small business largely dependant on word-of-mouth advertising, "Maintaining a strong web presence" and "providing a compelling user experience" don't really justify endless security hassles and a fundamental inability to do more than what a collegue describes as "a mickey mouse blog page."

I like hand-coding HTML; it's a welcome change from some of the other things I have to code in. Until I started drinking the WordPress koolaid, for better or worse I always did my own web sites.

Whenever I had a site design that I happened to like, I'd eventually write a program to generate part or all of it to save myself a bit of work. That happens to be the case with this one: the repetitive bits are generated automatically from a database by a small suite of Python scripts.

Not sure how all this rates on the "strong web presence" scale, though. I'm a technical boy, not a graphic artist, a fact that ought to be obvious from this site.

And as far as a "compelling user experience" is concerned, the only one of those you're going to get around here is in these lines of text.


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