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Quick and Cheap Raspberry Pi Case


Great little machine, the Raspberry Pi, but it needs some kind of enclosure, so...

After trying several alternatives, a dollar store soap holder seemed the most promising.

The price is right. Two for a buck. Made in USA, even.

Slots are cut with a Dremel tool and four mounting holes drilled. I cut this rough just holding the unit up against the box to get the measurements.

Matching slots are cut part way through the lid. Careful measuring and cutting will result in a more craftsman-like product.

I mounted the unit on some 1.25" standoff bolts because that's what I had on hand. It's a prototype, all right?

Et voila: the finished product.

It it's going to a customer, I'd fix the lid in place with a couple of small self-tapping screws.

Not real fancy, but it'll do until I come up with something a little more commercial-looking.

If you want at the I/O connector for development purposes, leave the lid off. And yeah, I know, the LEDs aren't visible. I was out of light pipe ;-)

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