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Last updated on 2016/11/02.

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Arduino Arduino Timer Conflicts
Undetected library conflicts and witless testing procedures combine to make an interesting weekend.
Arduino Getting to Grips With The OSEPP LCD Keypad Shield
Things you need to know to get the most from this device.
Arduino Robot V.2
Enhancing the OSEPP robot.
Arduino The OSEPP Robot
Arduino Using a Servo in a Hobby Electronics Project
Considerations for using hobby servos
History Old Computers
In the early 1980's one of these would set you back the price of a decent used car.
Math Entry-level calculators for high school 2015/08/31
Rants Is your business ready for cloud computing?
Take the test and see.
Rants Why I dumped WordPress
Raspberry Pi A Useful Python Algorithm For Displaying Binary Numbers 2016/06/13
Raspberry Pi Accessing the Rasperry Pi GPIO Concurrently With Multiple Programs
Beginner special feature: example code explained line by line.
Raspberry Pi Quick and cheap Raspberry Pi case 2016/04/07
Raspberry Pi Raspberry PI GPIO connectors 2016/04/27