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Last updated on 2016/11/02.

Date Category Title
2016/11/02 Arduino Using a Servo in a Hobby Electronics Project
Considerations for using hobby servos
2016/08/21 Arduino Arduino Timer Conflicts
Undetected library conflicts and witless testing procedures combine to make an interesting weekend.
2016/07/20 Arduino Robot V.2
Enhancing the OSEPP robot.
2016/07/06 Arduino The OSEPP Robot
2016/06/14 Arduino Getting to Grips With The OSEPP LCD Keypad Shield
Things you need to know to get the most from this device.
2016/06/13 Rants Why I dumped WordPress
2016/06/13 Raspberry Pi A Useful Python Algorithm For Displaying Binary Numbers
2016/06/12 Raspberry Pi Accessing the Rasperry Pi GPIO Concurrently With Multiple Programs
Beginner special feature: example code explained line by line.
2016/04/27 Raspberry Pi Raspberry PI GPIO connectors
2016/04/07 Raspberry Pi Quick and cheap Raspberry Pi case
2015/08/31 Math Entry-level calculators for high school
2014/10/08 History Old Computers
In the early 1980's one of these would set you back the price of a decent used car.
2012/06/30 Rants Is your business ready for cloud computing?
Take the test and see.